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Practicool 1.6mm x 30m Galvanised Coated Garden Wire, Bonus 10 Vine Eye Screws

This kit can be used to support climbing plants or to fix natural screening easily and securely to a fence or wall

Practicool Stainless Steel Garden Potting Sieve/Riddle - with 4 interchangeable mesh sizes - 3,6,9,12mm

Strong, stainless steel potting sieve. 4 mesh sizes 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm aperture. Ideal for grading soil and compost. Handy for dusting over seeds in trays etc... Sieve measures approx 30cm diameter. Perfect for sieving soil, removing debris Can be used to sow seeds Handy for dusting over seeds in trays. The large diameter and deep pan means you can sieve large volumes of material easily.

Eco Friendly Reusable Practicool White Washable Bamboo Kitchen Towels with Chrome Holder

VERSITILE: Our reusable bamboo kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, mirror cleaning, car cleaning, and more. ECO FRIENDLY: Our reusable towels replace traditional paper towels. Each Towel can be used 85-100 times on average, and there are 30 towels, for up to 3000 uses. Our towels are also machine washable. SUPER ABSORBENT AND ULTRA STRONG: Our bamboo towels can absorb up to 10 times more than a traditional paper towel. The towels stay strong and sturdy even after they are wet. Each time they are washed, they become softer and more absorbent. SAVE MONEY: Since each towel can be used many times, and for so many different things, you will ultimately save a lot of money over buying traditional paper towels. BONUS CHROME HOLDER: Our included chrome holder is a convenient way to store and use our bamboo towels, and it looks great in any kitchen.

Practicool Toy Truck Loader Construction Vehicle STEM Learning Toy Age 3+ yrs Old

BUILD A BRIGHT FUTURE: This truck loader construction vehicle toy comes fully assembled, so your children can start taking it apart as soon as they open the box! By reassembling the truck toy your children will develop their coordination and problem solving skills, while having fun for hours!